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Locations: Boston, MA; Ronkonkoma, NY; Stanford, CT; Hamden, CT; South Elgin, IL; Fairfield, NJ


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Southwest Industries Trak DPM CNC Bed Mill, Travels: X-26.5″, Y-17″, Z-23.5″, 10″ x 45″ Power Feed Table, Quill Travel: 5″, Spindle Nose to Table: 0-24″, Complete with Kurt Power Lock Draw Bar, Prototrak MX2 CNC Controls, S/N: 93-20C (1993) (Located in Boston, MA)

HAAS Model VF-1 CNC Vertical Machining Center, 40-Taper Spindle, Coolant, HAAS CNC Controls, S/N: 2727 (Located in Long Island, NY)

Troyke Mdl. NC-9-B 4th Axis Rotary Table, S/N: 4349-1 (Located in Ronkonkoma, NY)

LVD Model HELIUS 2513 2,000-Watt CNC Laser, with 52″ x 110″ Cutting Bed, Shuttle Table, 50″ x 100″ Cutting Capacity, GE Fanuc Series 16-L CNC Controls, S/N: 24994 (1998) (Located in Stanford, CT)

5” Giddings & Lewis Model G5-T Horizontal Boring Mill, With 60” X 98” Table,
Built In Outriggers, #50-Taper, 84” Cross Travel, 72” Vertical Travel, Ballscrews, 1120 Rpm, 25-Hp 220/440-Volt Motor (Located in South Elgin, IL)

55” Graffenstaden Model 1616/1l Vertical Turret Lathe, 55” 4-Jaw Chuck, 59” Swing, 48” Under Rail, 5-Position Turret Head, Swiveling Side head, 100 Rpm, S/N: 202672 (Located in South Elgin, IL)

43” X 156” VDF Model E1000 Lathe, 33” OCS, IN/MM Threading, 39” 4-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, 280 Rpm, 30kw 380v, S/N: 2948 (Located in South Elgin, IL)

18” X 84” Breda Lathe, 12” OCS Complete With IN/MM Threading, Taper Attachment, 15” 4-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, 1524 Rpm, S/N: 28172 (Located in South Elgin, IL)

14” X 30” Monarch Lathe Complete with Hardways, 8” 3-Jaw Chuck, 487 Rpm, S/N: 8209 (Located in South Elgin, IL)

American Tool Works 24″ Metal Spinning Lathe, Complete with 4-Jaw Chuck, Tool Posts, All Cutting Bars (Located In Hamden, CT)

American Tool Works 20″ Metal Spinning Lathe, Complete with 3-Jaw and 4-Jaw Chucks (Located In Hamden, CT)

TOS Model SN50 18″ x 80″ Gap Bed Lathe, Complete with Camloc Spindle, 22.4-2,000 RPM, 3 & 4 Jaw Chucks, Approx, 24″ Through Gap, Trak 2-Axis DRO (Located in Fairfield, NJ)


New Haven Mfg. 62″ Metal Spinning Lathe with 15-HP Polydyne Adjustable Speed Drive (Located In Hamden, CT)

Gabo #4 48″ Metal Spinning Lathe, Complete with 3-HP Variable Speed Drive, 0-252 RPM (Located In Hamden, CT)

30″ Metal Spinning Lathe, 4-Speeds: 109, 129; 219; 407 (Located In Hamden, CT)

24” X 60” Mattison Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinder, Complete With 24” X 60” Electromagnetic Chuck, Neutrifier Ii Chuck Control, 20-Hp, 220-440-Volt Motor, S/N: 19797 (Located in South Elgin, IL)

12” Pratt & Whitney Model B Vertical Slotter, 24” Rotary Table, 12.5” Maximum Stroke, S/N: 534 (Located in South Elgin, IL)

Kearney & Trecker Plain Model K Horizontal Milling Machine, 12” X 56” Table, 50-Taper, 1500 Rpm, S/N: 56-5000 (Located in South Elgin, IL)

Brown & Sharpe Universal Milling Machine with Bridgeport Series J Milling Head (Located In Hamden, CT)

Cincinnati #3 Plain Horizontal Milling Machine Dial Type Side Contros, 8-1,300 RPM, 15″ x 62″ Table, #50-Taper Spindle, Arbors, Arbor Support, S/N: 4AP1L-33 (Located in Fairfield, NJ)

DeVlieg No. 3B Jig Mill, #30 Taper, 23-1m,200 RPM, 30″ x 48″ Table, 26″ x 40″ T-Slotted Sub Table, S/N: 1-180 (Located in Fairfield, NJ)

Eisele Type VA-L Semi-Automatic Non-Ferrous Cold Saw, Complete with Power Clamping, Automatic Bar Feeder, Enclosure, S/N: 1340 (1994) (Located in Ronkonkoma, NY)

Elumatec Mdl. DC 12 Double Cut Mitre Saw, 3 HP, 106″ Length Between Heads, Power Clamping S/N: 87148 (Located in Hauppauge, NY)

Elumatec Mdl. 79.15 Double Cut Mitre Saw, 3 HP, 100″ Length Between Heads, Pneumatic Clamping, Mitring Head, S/N: 90176 (Located in Hauppauge, NY)

DoAll 24” Vertical Bandsaw, 32” X 41” Table Area, Butt Welder (Located in South Elgin, IL)

Clausing Model 2287 Floor Type Drill Press, 2,000 Rpm, .75/1.5-Hp, 460-Volt Motor, S/N: 519345 (Located in South Elgin, IL)

Carlton 3′ x 11′ Radial Arm Drill complete with Coolant, T-Slotted Box Table, S/N: 1A-973 (Located in Fairfield, NJ)


PS&W Power Roller with 4″ Dia. Rolls (Located In Hamden, CT)

Material Handling

Spanco 2-Ton Capacity Portable A-Frame Gantry with P&H 2-Ton Capacity Chain Fall (Located In Hamden, CT)